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Drug Crimes

Casa Grande Drug Crimes Lawyer

Representation for Drug Crime Cases in AZ

The war on drugs is increasing on both the national and state levels, and Arizona is no exception. Today, drug charges not only threaten your freedom, but they can also ruin your chances of excelling in a career and damage your personal relationships. We are Casa Grande drug crime lawyers, and we offer the trial-tested defense that you need to fight for your rights in the criminal justice system.

Why choose our drug crime defense firm?

  • Former prosecutor on your side
  • Client-focused advocacy
  • Individualized care and counsel that gets results
  • A comprehensive case review to go over your options

The punishments for drug crimes in Arizona are serious. It is important for you to find an exceptional Casa Grande drug crime lawyer. You can rely on our experienced firm to deliver the hard-hitting defense you need and deserve.

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AZ Drug Crime Penalties

The criminal penalties that you could face for a drug crime in Casa Grande vary a great deal and depend on the type of drug, the amount of the drug discovered, and the intent of the possessor. Some drug offenses that involve popular controlled substances such as marijuana can fall into special categories of law, but in general, the seriousness of a narcotic, stimulant, hallucinogenic, or any other type of drug charge is measured by the substance's potential for addiction as well as psychological or physical impairments.

Types of Drug Crimes

Our Casa Grande drug crime attorneys handle drug offenses that include:

  • Possession of a controlled substance
  • Distribution / sale / trafficking of a controlled substance
  • Manufacture / cultivation of a controlled substance

As mentioned before, drug charges can range from minor civil infractions all the way up to class 1 felonies depending on the type of drug and what the defendant allegedly planned to do with it. If you are facing any type of drug offense, it is important that you contact a drug crimes lawyer in Casa Grande soon to discuss your case and how you can be defended against the charges.

The sooner you secure legal defense representation after an arrest in Casa Grande for drug charges, the better your chances will be avoiding sentencing. If you intentionally break the law and commit a drug offense, plea bargaining with the prosecution could be your best option. It may potentially lead to a significantly reduced sentence and lowered criminal charges. You can rely on Sutton Law, PC, to help you make informed and suitable decisions through every step of your criminal case. If you are ready to consult your defense with an experienced Casa Grande drug crimes lawyer, call us today and schedule a free consultation with our defense team.

At Sutton Law, PC, you can find dependable defense as you face your drug charges. Learn about your possible defenses when you contact our office today!


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