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Personal Injury Damages

Personal Injury Damages in Casa Grande

Compensating You for Your Losses

The purpose of filing a personal injury claim is to make it possible for you to recover full compensation for everything you have lost as a result of your accident. When you or a family member has been hurt in a car accident, a pedestrian accident, a slip and fall or any other type of accident, you may find yourself in a difficult situation as you have to take time off work to recover and find a way to pay for your medical expenses.

To make matters worse, you have to cope with the pain of the injury, and your life may never be the same again. Fortunately, Arizona state law makes it possible for you to claim comprehensive financial compensation from the party whose negligence was the cause of your accident. With the help of a Casa Grande personal injury lawyer, you can recover the full amount of restitution that you are legally entitled to.

Economic Damages

The first aspect of your claim for damages is based on the tangible economic losses you have suffered. This includes expenses for any and all medical treatments which you may require, such as emergency treatment, hospitalization, surgery, rehabilitative care, physical therapy, ongoing nursing care, medical devices and medication and even modifications to your home to accommodate a disability. Economic damages also include the income you have lost and will lose due to missed time at work. If you have sustained a partial disability and will no longer be able to earn the same amount, your settlement or jury verdict should take this into account, just as you should receive compensation if you are now totally disabled and will no longer be able to support yourself and your family.

Noneconomic Damages

The other aspect of a personal injury claim is often more difficult to compute, as it is largely subjective. It is the pain, suffering and emotional distress you have suffered as a result of the injury, as well as what you are likely to suffer into your future. This may require retaining the services of expert witnesses who can testify as to how the types of injuries you have suffered are likely to affect your life, from your ability to go about your daily routine to your ability to fully enjoy your life. The testimony of your loved ones can support this aspect of your claim, as well as your own daily notes about your pain and symptoms and the difficulties you are encountering in going about your normal activities.

Speak with a Casa Grande Personal Injury Attorney

Every case is unique, and there is no way to accurately predict how much you will receive. You can, however, greatly improve your chances of recovering the full amount you deserve by contacting Sutton Law, P.C. for an initial consultation with an experienced Casa Grande personal injury attorney. We are ready to meet with you to discuss the scope of your injuries and to listen to your story, and we can work together to estimate the full value of your case.

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