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Uncontested vs. Contested Divorce

Casa Grande Divorce Lawyer

In most states there two different types of divorce, contested and uncontested. The period of time that the divorce takes, the court costs, the legal fees and the terms of the divorce will all depend on the type of divorce that is filed. If you are facing divorce, it is vital that you know and understand the differences between a contested and uncontested divorce and how each one could affect your case. If you are considering filing for divorce in the state of Arizona, then it is definitely in your best interest to consult with a Casa Grande attorney from my firm. Here at Sutton Law, PC I am dedicated to helping families who are facing divorce. I can guide you step by step through this difficult process so that the transition is as smooth and painless as humanly possible.

What are the benefits of an uncontested divorce?

An uncontested divorce is much simpler and less stressful on the family, in comparison with a contested divorce. In order to file an uncontested divorce, the couple must be in agreement with all of the terms and conditions of their divorce- even if just one matter is unresolved, then it would be considered a contested divorce. With cases of this nature nothing of importance can be left disputed, if the couple wishes to seek a mediator to resolve the issues they can, but essentially an uncontested divorce is where the couple settles their agreement outside of court. If the couple can reach an agreement on all the terms without going to trial, then it is truly an uncontested divorce

The basis of every divorce agreement, both uncontested and contested, is typically based on three core issues:

  • The division of property
  • The custody of the children
  • Matters of child support and spousal support

In order to draft a comprehensive divorce agreement, the parent must negotiate and agree on who the kids will live with, determine an appropriate custody arrangement, and calculate how much child support or spousal support needs to be paid. If the spouses are not able to work out all these issues, I recommend that they utilize every possible option before taking the case to trial, such as arbitration or mediation. By filing for an uncontested divorce you can save both time and money, reduce the tension and hostility and avoid the lengthy trial litigation process altogether.

What is a contested divorce?

A contested divorce is filed in the event that the two parties cannot reach an amicable agreement on all the terms and conditions of their divorce. These cases typically involve hurt feelings, resentment, high financial stakes and complex family issues. When the spouses are unable to negotiate and resolve these issues, then they typically attend court hearings and if the matters are still not resolved, then the case must be litigated in trial. Once you get to trial, the legal fees and court costs will be much more expensive and a judge will ultimately decide the end result of the divorce agreements. If you need to file a contested divorce then you will need the experienced legal counsel of a Casa Grande divorce attorney to protect your rights in court. Your attorney will be able to bring forth supporting evidence for you case and will fight to preserve your best interests.

Casa Grande Attorney With Experience You Can Count On

If you are considering filing for divorce, you must be aware of the different types of divorce and the benefits and drawbacks of each. Contact a Casa Grande divorce lawyer from Sutton Law, PC today to schedule your case evaluation!

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