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Amidst the heat and sunshine of Arizona, the threat and danger of fire is always a reality. Given the destructive nature of fire on homes and lives of residents, law enforcement has legal ramifications for anyone who precipitates such damage by setting fire to a structure. Arson is the criminal charge referring to the action of intentionally and unlawfully damaging property by setting it on fire or causing an explosion. The criminal charge of arson is a felony and carries severe punishments for those convicted.

According to Arizona Revised Statute § 13.1703, arson can be charged as a class 2 felony if the structure damaged was occupied at the time that the fire or explosion was caused. A class 2 felony in Arizona is punished by up to twelve and half years in prison. If the defendant has a just one previous criminal conviction on their record at the time of the arson charges, the punishment can reach up to 23 years in prison and even more if there are more convictions.

If the structure was unoccupied at its value exceeds $1,000, the crime is still charged as a felony but reduced to a class 4 felony. Punishment for this charge can vary from probation with no more than one year in jail or up to four years without probation. Much like the previous charge mentioned, any prior convictions will serve to increase the punishment for arson significantly.

If you have been arrested for arson, you need to contact an attorney in Casa Grande immediately. Not only are you facing harsh fines and prison time, but having a conviction on your record will come with severe social ramifications for years to come. I am Casa Grande attorney Terry Sutton and I can help defend you against your arson charges in Arizona. Call my office today and we can discuss the possible defenses for your accusations.

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